We afresh Passenger Elevator attacked the entrees

The appurtenances came in acceptable Passenger Elevator portions, and a brace of bottles of white Sancerre helped us choke all this down. (Sancerre is a ablaze red or white wine. It is fabricated from atramentous pinot or white sauvignon, and is developed in the Touraine region.) We were served two altered types of alpha bread, including a adorable Poilane bread

We afresh attacked the entrees: abstain filet with potatoes for me, please, served pink. (In my book, abstain acclimatized to 'done' is unpalatable.) Anon came the plates, abounding up. My abstain filet was altogether cooked, and blubbery and breakable as it should be. A admirable affluence of adorable food! We accompanied the capital fares with a canteen of red Chinon, a wine developed in my hometown. Things to get accursed for!

All is able-bodied that ends well The ambrosia was as adorable as the blow of this affable meal. I had a Tarte Tatin, an caramelized angel pie broiled 'upside-down'. Angel slices are aboriginal broiled on sugar, afresh covered with dough, and put in the oven afresh for a abbreviate while. If baked, the pie is angry over so that the chef now supports the apples. The aftereffect is a actual breakable pie, with a candied but not cutting aftertaste of caramel. It is served with boilerplate ice.

We all accomplished the meal on a acceptable espresso. The analysis was actual reasonable: it came to about 60 USD per person, for an acclaimed meal that included a ton of appetizers, six capital fares, seven servings of dessert, 3 bottles of wine, and espressos for everyone. Apprehend to pay USD 30 on a lighter book and beneath wine.


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